Welcome to our Independent Media Community

Welcome to the Independent Media Community by Steady. :wave:

We are creating a place for Independent Media Makers to discuss their experiences, strategies and challenges around creating a membership program. We think we have a lot to learn from each other – and we’re looking forward to talking to all of you. :handshake:

If you want to take part in the discussion, you’ll first have to create an account. Registrations are open now for a limited time while we’re getting started, but we’ll switch this community to invite-only in the future to keep the quality of discussion high and to make sure this stays a friendly and safe space for independent media makers. :blush:

Once you have an account, you can get started replying to threads, opening new topics or posting links. We’re excited to hear what you have to say!

This community is still a work in progress – some things might be a little rough around the edges. We might do a few design changes and introduce new categories, so this place will grow as we go - and we’re always happy to get your feedback.

Our categories - what do you want to talk about?

Membership Strategy

Memberships are the key to a media landscape filled with diverse, independent voices. This category discusses the best strategies on how we get there.


Our accelerator program is helping independent media makers to get started with memberships with hands-on support and a funding boost.

Money Talk

In this category, we discuss everything related to your financial well-being as a publisher.

Ask Me Anything

Here, we’ll ask Steady publishers and other cool people from the membership world to answer all your questions!


Independent media is stronger together! Find the right partners and conspirators for your next article, episode or feature project.


Get inspired by the stories from our community of independent publishers and media makers!

Project Feedback

Sometimes you just need a second pair of eyes: Post your project page here and let other Steady publishers leave feedback and optimisation ideas.

Who is who

Get to know the team here at Steady and introduce yourself - if you want to.

Housekeeping & Feedback

Discussions about things work in this forum and how we can improve it.


Topics that don’t need a category or don’t fit into any other existing one.

If you have any suggestions for or questions about this community - feel free to send an email to me (johannes@steadyhq.com) or my colleague Lucas (lucas@steadyhq.com).

We’ll always get back to you as quick as possible :slight_smile: