Watch our Webinar: Getting started with memberships as a Podcaster

In our exclusive webinar for the participants of the IMA for Podcasters, Lorcan, Membership Consultant at Steady, talks about what makes memberships unique and exciting, what the characteristics of a suitable podcast are and how you can start earning money through memberships.

From the discussion with the attendees, further questions are discussed like; can you monetise through ads and sponsors parallel to memberships? What does running a membership program entail? What is a good estimate of how much money you can make through memberships?

If you have any queries, questions or comments feel free to start a discussion under this thread and we will join in to make sure all your questions are answered.

The promised ressources can be found here:

Making the most of Steady for podcasters

Interview ‘it helps to keep talking about money’

Interview with The Pod on their success

Who would pay money for a free podcast?

Offer exclusive episode with the RSS feed

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