Poll: What do you want to talk about?

We made this community, because we noticed that Steady publishers often face a lot of the same challenges, issues and worries when starting out a membership program – but there is no place where you can talk to each other, exchange ideas, give feedback or learn from success stories. So we wanted to create one.

I’m curious: What are the things you’d like to talk about most?

  • Money Talk: How much can I earn?
  • Growth and Marketing: How to spread the word?
  • Success Stories: What do other Steady publishers do?
  • Content and Community: How to create more/better? How to involve my audience?

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Or is there something else we should discuss? Leave me a reply!

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Another possible topic:

How can we support each other?

Think :negative_squared_cross_mark: cross-promotion, :left_right_arrow: host/guest swaps, :studio_microphone: small broadcasting networks for podcasters, etc.pp.

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