Podigee: Podcast marketing with SEO (and more!)

The Podigee Podcast Blog is one of the blogs for podcasters and those who want to become one!

They cover a whole range of topics, offer guides and are generally a wonderful resource for all of you wonderful independent voices.

An amazing series we can absolutely recommend is there blog series on Podcast SEO Marketing which can help you strategically increase your reach on a broad scale - great stuff!

Part 1 - Podcast marketing with SEO - Strategically increasing reach

Part 2: Podcast SEO - Find the right keywords

Part 3: Podcast transcripts - Become visible on Google

Part 4: Voice Search - Optimizing podcasts for Voice Assistants


How Podcasters Can Use Twitch To Grow Their Audience

What are other great resources like the Podigee blog that you use to get ideas and strategies for growing your project?