How your payout is calculated

We get a lot of questions regularly about the amount of your monthly payout so we wanted to share the specifics here as well:

Once a month Steady makes a payment to your PayPal account. Payments occur in the following month, i.e. earnings for January will be transferred in February.

You will receive a detailed statement by email.

What does happen in detail?

We will transfer your net income after deductions. These are:

  • Steady’s comission (10%)

  • Transaction costs (these vary, depending on payment method, but roughly around 5-6%; less if most of your supporters pay annually)

  • VAT from the memberships (which we have to give directly to the tax office)

Since the VAT part differs, depending on whether you are located in Germany, another country in Europe or outside of Europe, and also on whether you pay VAT, and how much, we encourage you to please have a look at our different billing examples here.

Are there other questions you have regarding your payout? Ask away :slightly_smiling_face: