How to inspire your community with a compelling mission statement for your project

Your membership program will stand or fall by your mission statement. But even if you don’t have a membership program and aren’t ready to start one just yet, you’ll need a mission statement: both for your project, and to build and inspire your community.

Why do you need a mission statement?

Your mission statement has both internal and external effects: Identifying yours can give you renewed purpose by focusing on what is most important in your work, help you hone your communication and create appropriate merchandise. It can also help paint a clear picture of where your publication is going and help you plan for the future.

But the main purpose of the mission statement is to show your audience your unique selling point and get them excited about it. With this statement you show why your publication is important and why people from your community should become members of your organization.

In this blog article, we have summarized our tips for getting the mission statement right.

What mission statements did you create for your project? What goals are you working towards? We’d be excited to hear them!

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