Get to Know the Steadies: Sanket

Hello everyone,

I’m Sanket and I’ve been going Steady for a year now. In my role as a Membership Consultant, I work with publishers like you, guiding them with a light touch in this new and exciting journey that is the #MembershipRevolution. In another life, having worked as a travel blogger myself, I am familiar with many of the challenges you face as an independent content creator, which hopefully equip me with the tools to solve at least some of your problems with empathy.

I was born in the western region of Goa, India - known for its pristine beaches and secret Russian raves and spent a big part of my childhood in Bombay! I’ve lived in Paris & Berlin over the past 3 years and starting to feel at home in this wonderful city! In my free time, I love being outdoors in a park or by a water body, sipping beer (or a cider), reading/writing a book and or goofing around with friends or go on spontaneous solo trips…I’ve realized none of these things is relevant in the present environment (and may not be in the foreseeable future) but I remain optimistic for a better tomorrow!

I’m looking forward to connect with you, answer your questions and build a strong community here.


Actually I am also learning a lot about Sanket here and I already work at Steady. We need to get lunch more often :smiley: