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Hope you are all fine! Well, since 6 years now, i am blogging using the platform overblog. I am planning to migrate to wordpress and buy my own domain. I have built a beta offline wordpress, i am really satisfied about it. However i want to know the pro and cons of this shift? anyone has made this king of change? If yes could you give me some advices? Thank you.

Hi Sali - as a blogger myself, I can not recommend enough having your own domain and hosting. A free blogging service is fine so long as you are just blogging for the sake of it, but if you want to do anything professional with your blog, you need to have full control of it, which you can not do with a free blogging service. I use Wordpress myself and have found it to be very easy to use. Everything you need to get done on the blog, you can find a plugin for, so life is very easy in general. There are no real cons to doing this, except that you should be careful with the migration. There will be guides out there on how to do this safely but it’s always smart to make a backup before you start the migration process.


Hi Sali! Welcome to the community! :blush:

I fully agree with Sanket, it’s great to self-host and have full control over your website and domain. One thing I’d be careful about if you’re new to hosting your own WordPress is security – because so many websites all over the world are built with it, WordPress is one of the favourite targets for hackers. Here’s a beginners guide, plus if you want to dive in deep, here are resources from WordPress themselves.

With regards to the migration process, I’d recommend looking into how you can redirect from your old page to your new blog. The thing you’re looking for here is a 301 redirect (“Moved Permanently”). This is not just important for your loyal readership, but also allows search engines to keep your content indexed. One thing you should avoid is creating so-called “duplicate content”, by leaving your old website up after the import.

Best of luck!

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Thank you Sanket and Kai for your answers.Very hepfull! i will carefully read all the materials concerning security.

Hi Sali,
I took this same step in 2015 after having startet my science news-blog in 2007.
It was good o have a free plattform to start with (I went for blogspot then), but it soon turned out to come with many limits. Most important, it is a question of quality-look that comes with controling your own domain, content and stylewise.

I myself still use my “old” version as sort of archive (I have not created double-content, which is ideed an important thing sto avoid!!!) , so you can compare the two versions quite well. 2007-2015: (…sometimes it come along with a security-warning, but this is only due to problems with the platform. another reason to go independent!!!) and here the current own domain since 2007:
As Sanket and Kai said, with your own domain (and in my case WordPress) you have soooo many options and possibilities. I would strongly recommend it :slight_smile:
Best Wishes and Good Luck!

Hi Andreas,
Thank you for your answer. I will into consideration the aspect of quality-look. Instead of keeping the old version, i am planning to move all the content. I will definitly used wordpress too and certaintly keep the same architecture. This one : … I need to continue to build it in localhost, using flywheel and then transfer it online.

…so good luck with the move!
best wishes